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Every story has a beginning

MAAR was founded in 2019 from the idea of creating a different concept of perfumery and the desire to start something new, mixed with a willingness to take risks and -most importantly- someone who put their trust in the project.

Perfumery is the great unknown in the cosmetics field. We discover fragrances through advertising campaigns that try to explain to us what we should feel when we use them. However, we are never told how fragrances are created, which ingredients they contain or where they come from. But… perfumes are like wines! There is a lot to explain about them. 

So, that's why we decided to make a change and create a perfumery which focused on the ingredients instead of selling fragrances through familiar faces. A perfumery made with a long percentage of natural essential oils and where the color of the essence came from the fruits and the plants that the fragrance is composed of, instead of coming from dyes. A perfumery without animal components and with packaging sustainability as a brand value.

From all of these thoughts, a lot of work, and some uncertainty and enthusiasm, MAAR was born.

Marina Garcia · Founder

Marina Garcia · Founder