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At MAAR we are specialized in the manufacture of natural perfumery. A long and careful process of collecting ingredients, manufacturing the essence and packaging the final product, in which we apply our values to offer natural and quality fragrances.

  • Mina
    citrus · fresh
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  • Cleo
    50ml · roll on
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  • Nayla
    roll on
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  • Élise
    oriental · sweet
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Born on the shores of the Mediterranean

MAAR’s fragrances and cosmetics are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, the birthplace of perfumery for over 5,000 years. All our products have at least 97% natural ingredients, which we extract from the flowers and plants of the Mediterranean coast.



Our products are at least 97% natural. We also don't use parabens, silicones, sulfates, petroleum derivatives or colorants.


Our packaging is recyclable by parts, we do not use cellophane, we have a refill format, we ship without plastic bags and we work with local suppliers.


Our products are suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.


We only use best quality raw materials, following strict manufacturing and packaging protocols.

Your purchase has a purpose

Being sustainable means betting on a balanced relationship with the planet. At MAAR we strive to make environmentally responsible products and we donate 2% of our sales to the Save the Med Foundation, which pursues the marine regeneration of the Mediterranean.

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They talk about us

'Mina' the perfume that smells clean from Maar (...). It is a pleasure to wear a fragrance that smells clean, like fresh sheets, and it is even more so when the brand that makes it respects the skin and the planet.

There are many perfumes, but that smells like flowers (orange) and give you energy when you are tired like this, not so many. (...) The chosen one should be Nayla Eau de Parfum by MAAR.

The 2020 Academy of Perfume Awards already have owners. In the ‘ Lifestyle ‘ category, the winners were (...) and Mina from Maar (female).